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This interface defines the list of options that could be passed through scrollOptions object to customize the widget according to your requirement.

   // Normal tabs options
   active: 1,
   collapsible: true,
   // Extended Scrolltabs options
   scrollOptions: {


  • ScrollTabOptions


[propName: string]: any

Allow you to access and assign values for properties using indexer or key



Optional closable

closable: boolean

Adds close button to each tab.

Default: true

Optional customGoToLastHTML

customGoToLastHTML: string

Customize the HTML for default 'Go to last' button.

If provided, it will be used instead of default HTML

Default: <button class="stNavLastArrow ui-state-active" title="Last"> <span class="ui-icon ui-icon-seek-end">Last tab</span></button>

Optional customGotoFirstHTML

customGotoFirstHTML: string

Customize the HTML for default 'Go to first' button.

If provided, it will be used instead of default HTML

Default: <button class="stNavFirstArrow ui-state-active" title="First"> <span class="ui-icon ui-icon-seek-first">First tab</span></button>

Optional customMoveNextHTML

customMoveNextHTML: string

Customize the HTML for default 'Move Next' button.

If provided, it will be used instead of default HTML

Default: <button class="stNavNextArrow ui-state-active" title="Next"> <span class="ui-icon ui-icon-seek-next">Next tab</span></button>

Optional customMovePreviousHTML

customMovePreviousHTML: string

Customize the HTML for default 'Move previous' button.

If provided, it will be used instead of default HTML

Default: <button class="stNavPrevArrow ui-state-active" title="Previous"> <span class="ui-icon ui-icon-seek-prev">Previous tab</span></button>

Optional easing

easing: string

Animation timing fn to be used while tabs transition.
Css animations like linear, swing, ease-in-out etc., can be used

Default: swing


enableDebug: boolean

Enables debug information to be logged to console.

Default: false

Optional headerHTML

headerHTML: string

Customize the tab header HTML

Default: <div class="ui-widget-header ui-corner-all"/>

Optional headerScrollHTML

headerScrollHTML: string

Customize the scrollable div part in the header, which hosts your tab headers.

Default: <div class="ui-scroll-tabs-view"/>

Optional hideDefaultArrows

hideDefaultArrows: boolean

Hide previous and next arrows

Default: false

Optional leftArrowWrapperHTML

leftArrowWrapperHTML: string

Customize the wrapper HTML around 'Go to First' and 'Move to previous'.

Default: <div class="stNavMain stNavMainLeft"/>

Optional loadLastTab

loadLastTab: boolean

Last tab is selected as default active on initial load

Default: false

Optional onTabScroll

onTabScroll: function

Add custom callback fn to be triggered after tab scroll animation completion

Default: empty callback function

Type declaration

    • (): void
    • Returns void

Optional rightArrowWrapperHTML

rightArrowWrapperHTML: string

Customize the wrapper HTML around 'Move to Next' and 'Go to Last'.

Default: <div class="stNavMain stNavMainRight"/>

Optional scrollSpeed

scrollSpeed: number

Control speed of the animations

Default: 500ms

Optional selectTabAfterScroll

selectTabAfterScroll: boolean

Using navigation controls like previous or next button, to change the selected tab

Default: true

Optional selectTabOnAdd

selectTabOnAdd: boolean

Enable auto select of new tab, when it is added

Default: true

Optional showFirstLastArrows

showFirstLastArrows: boolean

Enable 'Go to first' or 'Go to last' arrows

Default: true

Optional showNavWhenNeeded

showNavWhenNeeded: boolean

If enabled, it shows the navigation arrows like previous, next only when tab headers doesn't fit within the view.

If false: It always show navigation controls.

Default: true

Optional wrapperCssClass

wrapperCssClass: string

Custom css classname to be added to the tab. So you can customize it.

Default: ''


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